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New Apple Watch Series Bring Selling Opportunities for Band Makers

Many people have termed Apple Inc., the industry leader in terms of innovations. Well, it would be difficult for anyone to argue against this assertion given the milestones the company has achieved. Notably, the company introduced the first smartphone back in 2007 and about 7 years later, the firm came up with smartwatches that perform functions previously unheard of in the watchmaking industry.

First generation of iWatch

Interestingly, Apple successfully kept the research into smartwatch technology discreet for over three years. In April 2014, Tim Cook, Apple Inc., CEO stood before the world and launched an upgrade to iPhone 5. However, followers of the firm were least interested in the new iPhone 6 as they anticipated a revolutionary device that would change how people monitor their vitals.

During that same occasion, the first generation of Apple Watch hit the market. The watch incorporated a simple system on chip that ran on a customized iOS. Further, the device included groundbreaking features like a Wi-Fi adapter where one could link the watch with the new iPhone 6 and even some of the older models.

Perhaps more breathtaking was the fact the watch incorporated an optical heart sensor that could monitor the fitness of the wearer. In addition, it had an ambient light senor, accelerator for monitoring workouts, a gyroscope and Bluetooth capability.

Interestingly, the device came with designer comfortable Apple watch bands created by the company that served to make the watches more fashionable. However, as new generations of iWatches came off the factory floor, band making was increasingly being done by third parties.

Styling the iWatch for less

Since the beginning of third party creation of the bands, there is a possibility of accessing quality bands for less. Currently, there are hundreds of firms all over the globe that specialize in creating bands that would satisfy the very volatile taste profile of Apple consumers.

To be sure, most of the companies are now focused on creating fashionable bands that satisfy different sections of the Apple consumers. For instance, the Apple watch workout bands suit fitness junkies who love having their bodies in good shape.  They are elastic in such a way that they are easy to put on and to remove and that, while worn, they hold onto the wrist snugly enough to ensure that one has the best experience while working out.

Given the tough competition, firms are opting for innovative ways of creating bands to stay afloat. In particular, the competition is now shifting to the quality and utility of the bands. For instance, some bands now come with moisture wicking capabilities so that they can stay in good condition for a longer period.

Apple Watch Series 3 released this month

Other properties of the bands include adapters that are made out of precious metals like gold. Such bands are targeted at fashion-sensitive individuals who would want to make a statement any time they step out of their house.  In addition, these bands are quite comfortable.

Therefore, it is always a new opportunity for band makers to reach new customers every time a new series of Apple watch comes out. With Apple Watch Series 3 out this month, it is expected that such bands with qualities described above will be on a very high demand.